Primary schools get printing machine to cut printing costs
By Moses Masiye


About 13 primary schools will cut costs of printing examinations and school reports among others in Balaka’s Chembera education zone, thanks to parliamentarian for Balaka North Lucius Banda for bailing them out with a 1.3 million kwacha multipurpose printing machine.

Chembera education zone primary school advisor,  Wizron Gonani Tchale told Zodiak online after receiving the machineon Thursday that the schools were spending a lot of money he could not instantly calculate, on printing and photocopying.

Gonani- Tchale said the multipurpose printer is one of the necessities Chembera teachers development center has been lacking.

He said:- “The cost incurred to print examinations, school reports and other vital documents for 13 schools in the zone will be drastically reduced.”

Parliamentarian for Balaka north Lucius Banda said his passion for education excellence prompted him to assist procuring the machine, after being convinced with the community contribution of 190 thousand kwacha.

“I was compelled to buy the multipurpose and latest machine at 1.3 million kwacha in South Africa, adding my personal money to the 190 thousand kwacha community contribution,” said Banda.