By Moses Masiye

In a bid to address food insecurity challenge affecting Malawians due to absence of right to food bill stalled since 2006 without being ratified, Catholic development commission (CADECOM) has taken on board Journalists to advocate for ratification of the bill.

CADECOM National Programmes Coordinator Yusuf Mkungula said in Liwonde after a three day orientation for journalist that if the bill currently at draft stage if ratified, some of the challenges would be addressed.

Mkungula said CADECOM is working in collaboration with several stakeholders like civil society agriculture network and Oxfam, to see to it that the bill is approved and implemented in the near future.

He said while advocating for the approval of the bill, there is a need for more awareness so that the general public should be aware of what is in the bill.

“Over 50 percent of the general public is not aware of general issues involving right to food.
“If people have food at household level, they may have access to right to food and enjoy their right to food,” said Mkungula.

He said it is to this regard that journalist are taken on board to assist raising awareness.

Currently there are two bills on right to food, one being spearheaded by civil society and the other by department of Hiv/Aids in the ministry of health.

Chairperson for national right to food network Billy Mayaya says the two groups have reached a consensus to merge the two bills to have one process that will read to eventual ratification of the bill.

He said right to food bill would synchronise all the policies and have one framework role that focuses on food from a human right perspective as well as food security perspective.

“The ministry of agriculture alone currently has over 40 policies, and this bill would assist to synchronise all these, and ensure good implementation,” said Mayaya.

Meanwhile, journalists from different media houses have formed a task force to advocate for ratification of right to food bill.

Dumbani Mzale of Nation publications limited was elected chairperson for the task force deputised by Moses Masiye of Zodiak broadcasting station (ZBS) while Precious Nsosa of Montfort media and Gladys Nthenda of MBC were elected secretary and treasurer respectively.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389