By Moses Masiye

People had him in their homes and showrooms through the debut DVD, Anandisonyeza.

Malawian gospel artist Godfrey Psalmist Zulu is back with a second high definition DVD.

The ten track DVD titled Mundidzidzimutse is expected to hit the market this September end.

“Currently am sourcing funds to enable me launch the second DVD,” said Zulu.

The songs in the DVD are Hosanna, Afafaniza, Mundizizimutse, calvary, Fatsa, Kolona, Mwazi, Mundikonze, Mfumu and Wondikonda.

According to Zulu the Psalmist, his fans should rush for a copy to Zomba music center in Lilongwe and Spectrum communications in Blantyre, come this month end.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389