Written by Moses Masiye
August 20, 2015

The Catholic church through its development commission (CADECOM) has called upon the media to take up a task of advocating for enactment and proper implementation of resilience policies that would assist overcome challenges like climate change effects and food insecurity among others.

CADECOM national secretary Carsterns Mulumbe said during a two- day media awareness workshop on such resilience policies like disaster risk management, National climate change, National agriculture polices and right to food bill.

He said the media has a vital role to play in advocating for proper implementation and enactment of the resilience policies, especially when there is proper understanding of them.

Mulumbe said:- “There are several challenges the country is facing due to delayed enactment and implementation of several policies.
“We therefore engage the media to take a bold step in advocating for the same, so that challenges coming along due to climate change among others, may improve for the better.”

Cadecom is mostly advocating for disaster risk management policy, climate change policy, National agriculture policy and right to food bill.

According to Mulumbe, there would be proper prevention measures and response to natural disasters with proper implementation of the policies.

“There are no standardised risk assessment tools, resources readily available and no timely assistance for natural disasters,” said Mulumbe.

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