Written by Moses Masiye
July 29, 2015

Malawi Police in Ntcheu district on wednesday arrested two Mozambican nationals for being found in possession of three placentas they were allegedly offering for sale.

Ntcheu police deputy publicist Hastings Chigaru told this blogger that the two, Samson Mateyu 58 and Everson Matolino 37, were offering all the three placentas for about 2.4 million kwacha.

“They are charged for being found in possession of human tissues, contrary to section 9 to 11, volume four of the anatomy Act,” said Chigaru.

Chigaru said the two men approached a certain Ntcheu based businessman on sunday with the offer, but did not bring the placentas then.

They agreed to come again this wednesday to finalise the deal.

Sergeant Chigaru said:- “The businessman alerted us and were present the time the two parties were bargaining.”

Mateyu and Matolino told the police during an interrogation that they bought the placentas from a traditional birth attendant in their home village at about 6 thousand kwacha each,

They both come from Manyanga village, t/a Zidana in Mozambique’s Mtengowambalame district.

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