By Moses Masiye

This blogger can confirm that Malawi’s plans to tap power from Mozambique may delay as the country is considering to inter connect power with Zambia in the near future, reportedly looking faster to materialise than the latter.

Public relations officer in the Ministry of energy and mining Josephy Kalowekamo told this blogger that a pre feasibility study is already underway, and a meeting between the two countries’ energy ministers is yet to take place while waiting to sign a memorandum of understanding.

Kalowekamo said:- “Government is aware of the development and the ministry is already conducting a pre feasibility study so that the country should benefit from the same.
“A feasibility study will follow and possibly meetings of the two countries to discuss how to go about this.”

This is coming after other plans of tapping power from Mozambique.

But according to Kalowekamo, Malawi would need both inter connections, though it shows the Zambia deal may overtake the mozambique one.

“The Zambia deal would be faster hence the power line has almost reached Chipata, unlike Mozambique where we also need more time and resources for a feasibility study,” said Kalowekamo.

Zambia has expressed interest to export power to Malawi and Mozambique once the construction of the 330kilo Volts transmission line from Pensulo in Central Province to Chipata’s Msekera Sub Station in Eastern Province is completed this September.

Zambia’s electricity supply corporation transmission line from central province to Chipata substation in the eastern province is expected to complete by September this year.

Shih Shaokuang, Site manager for Tebian Electric Apparatus-TBEA, a company that is doing the work, was quoted in Zambia’s Lusaka times last week tuesday that about 85 percent of the work is done.

Shaokuang said the Eastern province is going to have so much power meaning Zambia will be able to export some to Malawi and Mozambique.

Malawi currently generates 351 megawats of electricity, less than the demand of about 400 megawats.

It may however take about two years for this to materialise, hence according to Kalowekamo, the feasibility study may take about a year.

Malawi is optimistic it will meet the required electricity demand once this deal is sealed.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389