By Moses Masiye
June 16, 2015

450 households of Malawi’s Ntcheu Bwanje valley are all smiles after carting home 25 kilograms of maize each, thanks to a Roman catholic father for Sharpe valley parish in the area.

Reverend Father Andrew Mtendere also father superior for the parish, said he felt a need to incorporate the humanitarian part apart from the spiritual side of his flock.

He said due to devastating floods that hit most parts of Malawi, many families were left destitute.

“This prompted me to ask for assistance elsewhere after foreseeing that many households not only my church members, will be food insecure and personal friends of Holland came to my rescue,” said Father Mtendere.

The man of God added that he is optimistic that he will continue assisting the households up to harvesting period next year, God willing.

He assured the beneficiaries that: “am assured of the next six months, but with faith, I will be with them for a year.”

Group village head Mkumphira commended Father Mtendere for the assistance.

She asked other religious leaders and organisations to emulate, so as to reach out many vulnerable households.

GVH Mkumphira said most maize fields were washed away thereby leaving the families food insecure.

The maize already distributed is worthy about three million Malawi kwacha.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389