Moses Masiye
April 14, 2015

There was commotion at Balaka district hospital tuesday afternoon as an angry community demanded for an explanation on why a nurse allegedly pronounced dead a live newborn baby.

The community realised on their way to bury the child that the child was alive despite medical experts confirming death.

Balaka district health office spokesperson Mercy Nyirenda however told this blog that there is no written document showing that any nurse pronounced the child dead.

“All nurses on duty tuesday denied pronouncing the death of the child, and that no records indicate so,” said Nyirenda.

Mrs. Judith Gunde of Majiga residential area in Balaka township gave birth to premature triplets last week Thursday, through an operation.

Two died last week, and one was allegedly pronounced dead tuesday morning.

A Father to the triplets Francis Gunde said the body of the third child arrived late tuesday morning at their home in Majiga residential area for burial, after the nurse allegedly confirmed the death.

“Women were called to go and get the dead body of what we thought was the only survivor of the triplets, only to hear she was also pronounced dead,” said Gunde.

Women who were going to the graveyard to bury the child were surprised to see her making some movements, the moment they wanted to wrap her with the final burial cloth.

They rushed back to the hospital where she cried upon arrival. The mother is currently breastfeeding her.

Chanting women were outside the maternity ward claiming to get hold of the nurse who pronounced the death of the live child.

Balaka district hospital management says is still investigating.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389