Moses Masiye
April 05, 2015

Family Planning Association of Malawi (Fpam) has said meaningful economic development can be realised if the youth are equipped with population management skills.

Fpam advocacy and public relations officer, Ndidza Chisanu, said youth should know how to manage population through having manageable families.

Chisanu said in Balaka during an advocacy meeting held in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning’s department of population and development that the youth should be proactive in issues of population management through embracing smaller families they can be able to feed and educate easily.

“The youth are the key age range of people that can contribute positively to development of the country if we instill in them the culture of having smaller families so as to have a manageable population,” Chisanu said.

She said population of young people is growing at 3.2 percent per year and if these are not productive due to unemployment or lack of opportunities the country will not develop but sink deeper into poverty hence population management is directly related to economic growth of any country.

Balaka District Youth Officer Chigonjetso Chiromo said the youth need skills in population management as it is one of the district with a high number of idle youth that drop out of school due to cultural and social reasons.

“The school drop out rate for Balaka is the highest in eastern region and prevalence of early and forced marriages so unacceptable thus a need for several interventions to arrest the situation,” Chiromo said.

Fpam is implementing Youth reproductive health program in Machinga, Balaka and Lilongwe with funding from Population Reference Bureau- PRB.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389