Moses Masiye
March 28, 2015

Junior primary school aged pupils of Chipusile village in Malawi’s Ntcheu district, have no reason to shun school due to long distances as was the case previously, thanks to an American organisation Little dresses for Africa that has constructed a classroom block.

Group village Chipusile told this blog that children usually dropped out of school or started at an older age due to distances to nearby schools.

“There is a river one side and a tar mac road on the other side of the village, which were a hindrance for young pupils to travel schools at far distances,” said Chipusile.

A local non governmental organisation Step widows and orphans foundation that works in the area, took the initiative to look for sponsorship for construction of a classroom block.

Executive director and founder for Step widows and orphans foundation Naomi Chidiwa said:- “We talked to Rachel O’Neill, founder of little dresses Africa based in America, and she mobilised funds for the construction of a classroom block.”

Chidiwa commended the community for taking part by moulding bricks and contributing other locally found resources.

Founder for little dresses Africa based Rachel O’Neill said well-wishers in America donated through several fundraising activities towards the construction of Nan Ray primary and nursery schools.

O’Neill said apart from the classroom blocks, the organisation provided clothes to all the children at the school and other surrounding primary school.

“We are moving up and down fundraising for additional classrooms, and hopefully with time, it will be a full primary school,” said O’Neill.

Ntcheu district social welfare officer Mike Makalande commended the two organisations for commending government efforts promoting quality education in Malawi.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389