Moses Masiye
March 15, 2015

A pregnant mother gave birth without any medical expert attending to her at Mlanda health center in Malawi’s Ntcheu district as the staff were on strike.

21 year Tiyamike Haswell told this blog that the medical assistant and nurses refused to attend to her saying a sit in by Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM) staff, started a minute after mid night on Thursday.

Accompanied by her 51 year old mother Jenipher Wesile Thursday night, they walked for almost two hours from Chiphikira village Traditional authority Masasa in Ntcheu to the health center.

Haswell’s labour was due, but they were unfortunate to meet striking staff.

“The watchman on duty told us that they were instructed not wake them up, as the sit in commenced immediately after midnight,” said Haswell.

Though inside the health center, the mother assisted her daughter to deliver.

Haswell gave birth to a baby boy, and said they left friday morning unattended.

“We did not receive any medication, and no medical practitioner was in sight to offer any assistance,” added Haswell who said the son seems to be fine.

Ntcheu district health office spokesperson Stella Kawalala said the report did not reach her office but said it was unfortunate there was no skeleton staff.

She said members of the management team will go to Mlanda health center on monday to investigate.

CHAM staff dropped tools on Thursday to force government settle their monetary entitlements including leave grants.

They also want the government through Ministry of Health to write a commitment document highlighting that equal treatment among government and CHAM health workers.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389