Moses Thom Masiye
March 11, 2015

Malawi aids counselling and resource organisation (MACRO), which operates with funding from National aids commission (NAC),may lay off about half of its workforce by June this year 2015, due 50 percent aid cut.

MACRO executive director Kibble Ngalauka confirmed this blog’s findings that management is going around its branches countrywide notifying staff of the possible retrenchment, on top of a memorandum in our possession.

National aids commission NAC parted ways with Global fund as Malawi’s principal recipient, due to failure in meeting funding criteria, and its dependants are feeling the heat.

Malawi aids counselling and resource organisation MACRO is one of such dependants affected.

This blog can reveal that a memorandum is circulating informing staff of what is called ‘massive retrenchment’ following 50 percent aid cut from MACRO sole sponsor NAC.

MACRO executive director Kibble Ngalauka said:-“NAC has told us in writing that come June, 2015, it will only provide 50 percent funding.”

Ngalauka however says this is a wake up call for MACRO which relies on grant, start looking for other donors elsewhere.

This also translates to drastic reduction in service delivery towards thousands of Malawians who rely on MACRO’s HIV/AIDs services.

NAC board chairperson Mara Kum’bweza Banda told declined to comment, saying MACRO management is better placed.

NAC was this year stripped off its long time status as a principal recipient of Global fund grants, paving way for two international organisations- Action Aid and World vision international, with the ministry of health, under the new dual financing requirement, which needs to have two principal recipients, one from the government side and the other from the civil society.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389