By Moses Masiye
October 8, 2014

Malawi electoral commission chairperson Justice Maxon Mbendera has called on researchers to find out why it is a trend that Malawians shun by-elections.

Justice Mbendera said in Blantyre when he officially announced winners of October 07 by elections results for two constituencies and five wards.

He said though he is of the opinion that many people think that their vote would not change a thing, there is still need for a research.

“Its high time our academic institutions carry out a tangible research to find out why this trend is continuing,” said Mbendera.

Ruling Democratic progressive party- DPP carried the day after amassing all two constituencies where there were the by-elections and two of the five wards.

The by-elections were marred by low turn out with as low as 12 percent of registered voters casting vote in some areas.

Malawi electoral support network (MESN) on the other hand is of the view that the low turn out is a result of lack of hand outs in by elections campaign

MESN executive director Steve Duwa said:- “hand outs during campaign also woo voters to go to polling stations.”

DPP won in Blantyre north and Tchyolo East constituencies, as well as Mzimba’s Mbalachanda ward and Karonga’s Nyungwi ward.

Malawi congress party won one seat in Kandewu ward in Ntcheu, while the rest three wards went to independent candidates.

Blantyre north registered the highest voter turn out with 37.2 percent registered voters casting vote and Kandeu ward in Ntcheu registered the lowest turn out with 12 percent registered voters showing up to vote.

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