Five days after School opened in Malawi, some children in eastern region’s Balaka district are still in adulthood initiation camps.

A visit to about five group villages in sub traditional authority Kachenga, found some school aged children still in the camps.

Balaka North east has a larger population of the Yao tribe that usually practice male circumcision during adult hood initiation ceremonies as part of their culture, and keep children in camps for a month.

Despite others resolving to sending the children to hospitals for circumcision, many here still do the old way.

One school semester is usually in conflict with the initiation ceremony, but there has never been a long lasting solution.

The traditional leaders confirmed some pupils are still in camps but was quick to say will be released this weekend.

This forced Balaka police to summon Traditional Leaders and Initiation counsellors to order them to release the children saying this is a violation to their right to education.

Balaka police has meanwhile intervened to save the situation.

Balaka police station officer Senior Superintendent Benson Ndhlovu, said Police is not against the culture but would not sit down and watch the children’s right to education being violated.

“Make sure you release the children so that they should be in class by Monday 15th September, 2014,” ordered Senior Superintendent Ndhlovu.

The traditional leaders who are still keeping children in initiation camps assured the Police that the children will be released come Monday.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389