Cholera scares Balaka district


By Moses Masiye

There are fears of a possible cholera outbreak in Malawi’s eastern district of Balaka, as the district health office has registered seven suspected cases currently awaiting laboratory confirmation.

Balaka district health officer Dr. Mwayi Yiwombe confirmed to Zodiak that by tuesday evening, seven patients were suspected to have cholera.

Dr. Kiyombe said laboratory results are not yet out to confirm if cholera has hit the hunger stricken district.

He said:- “Our medical team is providing appropriate treatment to the quarantined cholera suspects, who are from Kandengwe and Nkweya villages in the district.”

No death has been recorded yet, and no cholera case was confirmed since the onset of this rainy season in Balaka district.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389


Malawians not demanding their consumer justice- Fair Trading commission


By Moses Masiye

The competition and fair trading commission (CFTC) has expressed worry over the growing tendency among most Malawians of not seeking consumer justice, amid violations of consumer rights.

CFTC Executive director Charlotte Wezi Banda says since July 2015, the commission has received only about 90 consumer rights violation complaints, which she says is a tip of an iceberg, considering how consumer rights are violated on the ground.

She was speaking in Balaka on Tuesday as Malawi joined the world in commemorating consumer rights day.

Malonda said:- “Malawians are not yet able to stand up and demand for their rights and there is a great need to join hands and lobby tirelessly for consumer justice.”

She highlighted that consumers create effective demand that induces productive sectors of the economy, as a result there would be no production in absence of the consumers.

In his remarkes, Balaka district commissioner Rodrick Mateauma said councils countrywide have a responsibility to plan and execute measures concerning consumer protection.

“Here in Balaka for example, the council has put in place measures that include inspection of business premises with the aim of protecting consumers from unscrupulous traders,” said Mateauma.

He also called upon local traders to value principles of consumer protection, saying everyone including the traders, is a consumer.

The world this year 2016 commemorated consumer rights day under the theme ‘Consumer Justice now’

The World consumer rights day which falls on March 15 every year, is an occasion for celebration and solidarity within the international consumer movement whereby participants promote the basic rights of all consumers and demand that those rights and rights are respected and protected.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Obituary: Boutros Boutros-Ghali



Obituary: Boutros Boutros-Ghali

As UN Secretary-General between 1992 and 1996, Boutros Boutros-Ghali sharply divided world opinion.
He was the first Arab to hold the post of United Nations Secretary-General, and the first holder of the post to be denied a second term.
His five years in office were clouded by controversy, especially about perceived UN inaction over crises in Rwanda, Somalia and the former Yugoslavia.

To some, he was an effective diplomat with a formidable track record brought low by a widening rift between the UN and the United States. Others, most notably in Washington, saw him as a symbol of all that was wrong with the organisation.

Boutros Boutros-Ghali was born in Cairo in November 1922 into an influential Coptic Christian family. His father had served as finance minister in the Egyptian government, and his grandfather had been prime minister.
After taking a law degree at Cairo University, he completed his education at the Sorbonne and Columbia University in New York, before returning to Cairo as professor of international law and international relations.
He benefited from the then Egyptian president Anwar Sadat’s policy of trying to heal the divisions between the dominant Muslim community and the minority Christians in Egypt, and served in Sadat’s government from 1977, twice as acting foreign minister.

He was credited as the architect of the 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty
He accompanied Sadat on his historic trip to Jerusalem in 1977, and was an architect of the Camp David accords which led to the Egypt-Israel peace treaty of 1979.
His influence survived Sadat’s assassination in 1981 – he helped to fortify the American-led coalition against Iraq in the first Gulf War – and became Egypt’s foreign minister under President Mubarak in 1991.
When Perez de Cuellar announced his retirement as UN Secretary-General later that year, Boutros-Ghali quickly emerged as a possible successor, even though he was already in his 70th year when the election was held.
And, in spite of his support for the Palestinian cause, Israel raised no objection to his appointment.
He had married into a prominent Egyptian Jewish family, and had a reputation for fairness and long-standing support for peaceful co-existence with the Jewish state.
Boutros-Ghali was one of 14 candidates for the post of Secretary-General, but won on the first ballot of the Security Council and took office as the sixth holder of the post on New Year’s Day 1992.
His term coincided with a number of momentous international events. The Rwandan genocide, which UN peacekeepers on the scene were unable to prevent, led to the deaths of 800,000 people.

He was criticised for the failure of UN troops to stop genocide in Bosnia
The entire international community stood accused afterwards of looking on as the killers embarked on their slaughter.
The civil war in the former Yugoslavia seemed to drag on interminably. Once more UN troops, ostensibly there to keep the peace, were unable to prevent atrocities like the deaths on 8,000 Bosnian Muslim men in the Srebrenica massacre of July 1995.
And Somalia was hardly one of the more successful UN operations. The deaths of 18 US Army Rangers in Mogadishu in 1993 poisoned the waters between the Clinton administration and the UN.

This led to Washington becoming averse to using UN troops in peacekeeping roles, a turn of events which had disastrous effects, especially in Rwanda.

But Boutros-Ghali’s period in office saw countries look to a better future, too – South Africa being one example.
It held its first non-racial elections in 1994. The voting was both successful and memorable with long, patient queues of first-time black voters.
But HIV and Aids also tightened their grip on large parts of Africa and other parts of the world in the first half of the 1990s.

He became the first UN Secretary-General not to win a second term
Boutros Boutros-Ghali also faced the daunting task of securing more reliable funding for the UN and streamlining its bureaucracy.
Though he initially said that he would not seek a second five-year term, it was the United States veto which ended Boutros-Ghali’s time at the UN in 1996.
The US, which owed the UN more than a $1bn dollars in unpaid subscriptions, saw Boutros-Ghali as an ineffective figurehead, who had failed to reform the financing of the UN.
Washington claimed that he was unable to define a mission for the organisation after the ending of the Cold War, and had presided over an unsuccessful peacekeeping strategy.
For his part, Boutros-Ghali saw the US as talking tough in the Security Council, but then failing to follow up its rhetoric with action on the ground.
He reserved particular scorn for the US State Department, writing later: “Coming from a developing country, I was trained extensively in international law and diplomacy and mistakenly assumed that the great powers, especially the United States, also trained their representatives in diplomacy and accepted the value of it.
“But the Roman Empire had no need of diplomacy. Neither does the United States.”
After leaving the United Nations, Boutros Boutros-Ghali served as the first Secretary-General of La Francophonie, a group of French-speaking countries which includes Canada and former French colonies, as well as France itself.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Angry mob storm police demanding to manhandle motorist- set ablaze the vehicle


By Moses Masiye

There was commotion at Ulongwe police wednesday morning as angry community went on rampage demanding to man handle a Malawi defence force soldier who hit to death a 15 year old boy.

Balaka police public relations officer Joseph Sauka confirmed that they have detained 36 year old corporal Christopher Semu, charged for causing death due to reckless driving.

Sauka said:- “We managed to protect the soldier but the angry mob smashed and set ablaze his vehicle, a Toyota Belta registration BU 8417 inside Ulongwe police premises.”

He said Semu is from MDF marine unit in Monkeybay.

Christopher Semu who hails from Ntimbuka village, T/a Amidu in Balaka hit the boy as he was trying to cross the road, near Balaka turn off.

The deceased, Mussa Dickson was from Chimdikiti village, T/a Kalembo in Balaka district.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Congolese national found with fake Malawi travel document


By Moses Masiye

Malawi immigration officials at Mwanza boarder have arrested a 33 year old Congolese national for possessing a fake Malawi emergency travel document- ETD.

Mwanza boarder immigration spokesperson sergeant Pasqualo Zulu said the man identified as Mbimu Serge, was arrested as he tried to sneak into the country, without stamping his travel documents.

Sergeant Zulu said they found him with a Malawian document number N0087410, issued on January 08,2016 which showed that his place of birth is Mbayani Village, Traditional Authority Machinjiri in Blantyre, with a name Mbimu Phiri.

He was remanded to Mwanza Prison waiting to appear before court to answer charges of Illegal entry into Malawi, Forgery and uttering false document.

He claims a Malawian national assisted him with the documents at Park station in the Republic of South Africa.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Malawi’s Physiotherapy institutions shot in the arm


By Moses Masiye

Several Malawian institutions that offer rehabilitation and physiotherapy services countrywide, will now provide improved services following the provision of equipment worth about 500 thousand British pound, parliamentarian for Balaka west sourced in England.

The parliamentarian Patricia Shanil Dzimbiri confirmed that equipment she got as a donation from a British organisation- PhysioNet, has arrived in the country and some already disbursed.

“I came across the organisation PhysioNet end last year 2015, when I went to attend my child’s graduation ceremony in the United kingdom.
“I was lucky to acquire a 40 foot container, full of physiotherapy equipment valued at 500 thousand British pounds, equivalent to about 500 million Malawi Kwacha,” said Dzimbiri.

The parliamentarian was only asked to foot the bills of shipping the container from Britain to Malawi.

According to Dzimbiri, she has already donated several physiotherapy equipment to Mtendere school for children with disabilities and SueRyder foundation rehabilitation clinic in Balaka district, and intends to intends to donate some to Kachere rehabilitation center in Blantyre.

She said other institutions will benefit through parliamentarian for Machinga east, Esther Jolobala who assisted Dzimbiri in footing the costs of shipping the container.

Mother superior of Mtendere school for children with disabilities of the Poveileire sisters, reverend sister Babra Bhima confirmed that the center has already received the equipment, which she described as vital and timely.

SueRyder foundation executive director Anthony Chilembwe concurred with Sister Barbra Bhima, saying the equipment is state of the art, and will assist many people who require rehabilitation and physiotherapy services.

“Many patient from the government health facilities are referred to our clinic for physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, and this equipment will help us offer improved services,” said Chilembwe.

PhysioNet was established in 2005 by Peter Thompson with the aim of providing physiotherapy equipment for disabled children in developing countries.

The donations include Inevitably other surplus equipment such as wheelchairs and other mobility items.
Equipment is collected from around the UK and then sent to developing countries around the world.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Leprosy hits Malawi- seven districts report new cases


By Moses Masiye
January 06, 2016

Malawi ministry of health has confirmed a resurgence of leprosy, which was believed to have been stamped out in the country in 1970.

Program manager for the Department of Leprosy and Skin Diseases in the Ministry of Health says the disease has been reported in about seven districts as of December 2015.

“We have registered new 629 leprosy cases in the year 2015 just ended, up from 554 cases in 2014,” Mawaya said.

Mawaya said though without figures at hand, Nkhotakota has reported many new cases than other districts of Balaka, Machinga, Mangochi, Salima, Phalombe, and Mzimba.

He said the unfortunate part is that authorities thought the disease was gone and funding was cut.

“The program’s office is financially crippled and it is difficult to do supervision,while the rest of our few officers on the ground, have no means of transport,” Mawaya said.

The infectious skin disease is caused by bacteria and is transmitted via sneezing and coughing, but it is now treatable. The World Health organisation (WHO), recommends a multi-drug regimen that makes patients unable to transmit the infection after just one dose.

Treatment is however reportedly available countrywide.

With delayed treatment, leprosy can be disfiguring and lead to complications like loss of feeling, permanent nerve damage and muscle weakness.

Utale Catholic parish in southern district of Balaka provide food and shelter to over 20 people severely disabled by leprosy.

Reverend Father Dominic Chikankheni at the Parish however complained that they struggle to provide food on daily basis, as patients from different corners of the country still come to their leprosy village.

The ministry of health requires over a Billion Malawi Kwacha to train health workers countrywide, who would ably screen for leprosy in all the health centres.

The amount excludes funds for awareness campaigns in the communities.

According to Mawaya, if leprosy patients are assigned to treatment earlier, there will be slim or zero chances of transmission.

Malawi’s leprosy-free status does not mean the disease was ever totally eliminated.

The World Health Organization defines leprosy-free status as having less than one case per 10,000 people, which Malawi achieved.

Leprosy resurfaces at a time Malawi is struggling to contain cholera outbreak that has killed several recently|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Malawi NGO quash government idea of hiring retired teachers into ECD


By Moses Masiye
Jan 2, 2016

Malawi’s education think-tank the civil society education coalition (CSEC) has faulted government pipeline plan to hire retired teachers as early childhood development care givers.

CSEC executive director Benedicto Kondowe said it will be costly to train and pay the retired teachers following government’s failure to train and pay care givers.

“Government is already doing too little in ensuring its commitment towards the welfare of child care givers in the country’s early childhood development centres.
“I am not even sure whether a retired primary school teacher would still wish to teach in the ECD centres under the current economic handicap,” said Kondowe.

He said though if approved, it is doubtful if Malawi’s budget would allocate enough funds to meet the running of the child care centres and at the same time, welfare of the retired teachers.

Kondowe suggests that government should consult thoroughly and make good research before advancing this idea.

However,Minister of Gender,Children Disability and Social Welfare Patricia Kaliyati who hatched the idea, still think it is valid.

Kaliyati however says this is just a proposal which will still require many consultations and input, before coming up with a concept paper .

“This will pass through several schools of thoughts and consultations, but still we will try to advance it hence it is helpful, Kaliyati said.

According to Kaliyati, the retired teachers will just beef up the workforce, as some untrained care givers go for trainings and upgrading.

She said hiring retired primary school teachers will assist prepare the child for primary school, and will make the job easy for junior primary school teachers.

About 60 percent of infants in Malawi currently have no access to early childhood development education.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

3 die of drowning in dams


By Moses Masiye

Three people have died after drowning in dams located in Ntcheu and Balaka districts.

Police in the two districts confirmed that a six year old child was found floating dead at a dam on Kasisi stream on Monday, while two 18 year old boys were found tuesday afternoon floating on Kasamba dam in Ntcheu.

Ntcheu police public relations officer Gift Matewere said the two teenagers identified as Chikhulupiliro Suluma and Scott Megha both of T/a Njolomole in the district, drowned on monday, after their man made canoes capsized and failed to swim accross.

The 6 year old child went missing on Sunday afternoon and was found floating dead monday morning, according to Balaka police publicist Inspector Joseph Sauka.

Last rainy season, over nine people died due to drowning in Balaka district alone.

Police has appealed to the general public to ensure that children do not play or cross flooding rivers and streams especially this rainy season so as to prevent deaths caused by drowning.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Less than half of Malawi children have access to early childhood development


By Moses Masiye

Though Malawi established early childhood development (ECD) in 1989, access to the same currently stands at only 40 percent.

Child development officer in the ministry of gender, children, disabilities and social welfare Andrew Nkhoma told this blogger that government is leaving no stone unturned to raise the statistics to atleast above 70 percent in the next five years.

Nkhoma said:- “The strategic plan eyes the year 2019 and the campaign is underway to improve access to ECD, and in a process striving to improve people’s understanding of its importance, so that they take a role in establishing more centres at village level.”

He then urged parents to send their children to the ECD centres in their areas.

The Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) has meanwhile pledged its commitment to assist Malawi in achieving meaningful access to early childhood development, which it says is important for the country’s development.

NCA country representative Stein Villumstad made the assurance after donating items to children corners and ECD centres in Balaka district, worthy about 12 million kwacha through Quadria muslim association of Malawi.

“Children who undergo preschool, develop their life skills easily, and find it easy when they enrol for primary school.
“It is to this regard that we are supporting children corners through Quadriya Muslim association of Malawi” said Villumstad.

He said this initiative assist both social and intellectual growth.

Quadriya muslim association of Malawi is implementing a project aimed at promoting early childhood development and adolescent, with support from Norwegian church Aid.

The project is contributing towards training of caregivers for community based care center and establishment of children corners, among other interventions.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Teenagers dominating maternity wings – Balaka Health officials worried


By Moses Masiye

Health officials in Malawi’s eastern region district of Balaka have expressed worry over an flooding of teenage mothers at its maternity facilities, saying this is posing a threat towards an initiative of reducing maternal and neo natal deaths.

Balaka district medical officer Dr. Mtisunge Kachingwe told this blogger that there is a need for prompt action to curb the vice.

She asked several stakeholders to join hands in ending the problem.

“Though I do not have the statistics at hand, the situation is alarming as evidenced in most of our facilities,” said Dr. Kachingwe.

She said there are a lot of complications, some leading to maternal deaths especially for girls below the age of 18.

Dr. Kachingwe commended other partners like non governmental organisation- Foundation for Community Support Services (FOCUS), which has trained 30 youth who will reach out fellow others with messages of sexual and reproductive health.

She said her office is not idle, as it is tirelessly trying all it can, to ensure that the youth receive necessary sexual and reproductive health messages, and provide them with family planning services.

FOCUS monitoring and evaluation officer Vincent Ngwira said the selected youth are equipped to overcome this challenge.

Ngwira said the week-long training in sexual and reproductive health, is part of increasing citizens demand for accountability and transparency for maternal and child health- INCIDANT project, being implemented with support from Scottish government through Christian Aid.

“The training will assist in reducing teenage pregnancies and prevention of further transmission of sexually transmission infections, including HIV/Aids,” said Ngwira.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Malawian 40 year old Dad impregnates 15 year old biological daughter


By Moses Masiye

Malawi police in Balaka district is has arrested a 40 year old man for allegedly defiling a 15 year old biological daughter, whom he also reportedly impregnated.

Balaka police public relations officer inspector Joseph Sauka said the suspect Moses Rhino, was arrested after a wife reported to police, after the daughter mentioned the father as the one responsible for the pregnancy.

Inspector Sauka said:- “According to our Investigator Detective Sergeant Paul Hasule Kapumila, the suspect had been defiling her daughter since 2013. “He said at one time, the wife caught the suspect red handed with the victim having sexual intercourse, but just cautioned them for fear of ending her marriage.”

Medical report obtained at Phalula Health Centre confirmed that the girl is three months pregnant.

“The suspect will appear before court to answer a case of incest which is contrary to section 157 of the Penal code,” said Inspector Sauka.

Moses Rhino who is blaming the devil for his act, has five children and comes from Kazembe village, Traditional Authority Likoswe in Chiradzulu district.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Detainees teargassed in police cell


Moses Masiye

Seven suspects detained at Balaka police station were rushed to district hospital after a police officer accidentally fired tear gas canister inside a charge office in front of the police cells, wednesday evening.

Balaka police PRO Joseph Sauka confirmed that the officers were handing over the riot gun at the charge office, when the incident occurred.

Officers had to break the police cell locks to free suspects, who were crying for dear life.

All other suspects were transferred to victim support unit.

Balaka district hospital spokesperson Mercy Nyirenda confirmed the seven were admitted as in-patients, but were discharged Thursday morning|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Malawi NGOs under government microscope


Moses Masiye

The Ministry of Gender, Children Disability and Social Welfare says having a clear database of all non governmental organisations will assist proper regulation on the impact and resource utilisation, which it says is currently not satisfactory.

Principal social welfare officer Dominic Misomali on wednesday told this blog that it is to this regard the ministry has embarked on a mapping exercise, in a bid to ensure that the donation which the NGOs receive, reach out the intended beneficiaries.

“This is not a forensic audit, but atleast the civil society needs to be transparent and accountable, in how it is carrying out its activities. The whole aim is to ensure that at last, the intended beneficiary is assisted,” said Misomali.

He gave examples of some international NGOs that have been in some areas like Mdeka in Blantyre and Mwanza for over twenty years, yet the areas remain underdeveloped looking at the billions of Kwacha said to have been pumped in.

Misomali said it is sad that most of the funds are spent on administrative costs, while the impact is not that visible.

He said the NGO mapping exercise currently underway, will therefore assist government regulate how the organisations are performing.

Chairperson for Balaka civil society network Harold Kachepatsonga says this is a welcome development, and a wake-up call on their part.

“This will assist the civil society coordinate properly to avoid duplication of projects implementation,” commended Kachepatsonga.

Kachepatsonga said to some extent, he is satisfied with the positive impact the NGOs are bringing to the communities.

There are currently over 400 non governmental organisations operating in Malawi, both registered and unregistered.

While it is true that many NGOs, the media, academics and many other community groups focus primarily on providing services to the community, experience has shown that they have also often been key facilitators of government-citizen dialogue as well as having an important monitoring role of government activities.

NGOs have also earned a reputation for playing a vital role in being the voices of the voiceless in Malawi and have helped to consolidate a democratic culture in the country since the institution of multi-party democracy in 1994 by providing checks and balances.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Chaos at Balaka magistrate court following conviction of Apostolic faith leader


By Moses Masiye

Commotion engulfed Balaka second grade magistrate court on tuesday following conviction of leader for Seventh day Apostolic Church for contempt of court and ruling that the faithfuls vacate their camp site in the district, which they acquired without following proper procedures.

Second grade magistrate Victor Sibu ordered Pastor David Phiri to pay a fine of 5 thousand Kwacha or in default spend seven days in prison, for not standing as per court rules when the magistrate enters the court.

The ruling and fine angered followers who started chanting outside the courtroom until police dispersed them using tear-gas canisters, before speeding away with the convict who is under police custody.

Mrs. Rona Chitanda of Mtalika village Traditional authority Nsamala in the district, sued Seventh day Apostolic Church for encroaching on her land, where they are camping since the month of July this year.

In civil case number 376 of 2015, Balaka second grade magistrate court heard that over 50 members of the Seventh day Apostolic faith arrived at Mrs. Chitanda’s forest reserve on July 26, 2015 with their belongings claiming that God directed them to stay there from Salima where they also camped for a year.

Representing the Church, David Phiri said they do not construct Church buildings, but are always on the move spreading the Gospel of God elsewhere the lord commands them to go, and stay anywhere as per God’s directive.

Phiri said they only follow God’s rules, not the laws of the land.

When the magistrate entered the packed court, Phiri did not stand up, and again when the magistrate ordered him so, the time he was supposed to give plea.

Second grade Magistrate Sibu immediately ordered Phiri to pay five thousand kwacha fine for contempt of court or spend seven days in prison.

During a 20 minute recess, Phiri’s followers were chanting for his release, as the magistrate was preparing judgement.

Magistrate Sibu said having heard from the plaintiff and the defendants as well as the witnesses, he ordered David Phiri and his followers to vacate the place within seven days.

He said the land Act also empowers the court to use law enforcers if they do not comply, but said the defendants were free to appeal.

David Phiri who hails from Malemia village, T/A Malemia in Chikwawa, said his faith do not allow them pay fines.

Police had to use force to cary him to the police station, and some of the followers smashed a windscreen of the police vehicle as it sped away with the convict.

Magistrates and other court officials fled the premises on bicycle taxi, with tears as a result of the tear-gas canisters, hence they have no other means of transport.

Meanwhile, about four children are reportedly dead at the camp site, where there is poor sanitation and that the faith restricts them from taking medication.

School aged children at the camp do not go to school, as they are always on the move.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Malawian Journalists form task force to advocate for ratification of right to food bill


By Moses Masiye

In a bid to address food insecurity challenge affecting Malawians due to absence of right to food bill stalled since 2006 without being ratified, Catholic development commission (CADECOM) has taken on board Journalists to advocate for ratification of the bill.

CADECOM National Programmes Coordinator Yusuf Mkungula said in Liwonde after a three day orientation for journalist that if the bill currently at draft stage if ratified, some of the challenges would be addressed.

Mkungula said CADECOM is working in collaboration with several stakeholders like civil society agriculture network and Oxfam, to see to it that the bill is approved and implemented in the near future.

He said while advocating for the approval of the bill, there is a need for more awareness so that the general public should be aware of what is in the bill.

“Over 50 percent of the general public is not aware of general issues involving right to food.
“If people have food at household level, they may have access to right to food and enjoy their right to food,” said Mkungula.

He said it is to this regard that journalist are taken on board to assist raising awareness.

Currently there are two bills on right to food, one being spearheaded by civil society and the other by department of Hiv/Aids in the ministry of health.

Chairperson for national right to food network Billy Mayaya says the two groups have reached a consensus to merge the two bills to have one process that will read to eventual ratification of the bill.

He said right to food bill would synchronise all the policies and have one framework role that focuses on food from a human right perspective as well as food security perspective.

“The ministry of agriculture alone currently has over 40 policies, and this bill would assist to synchronise all these, and ensure good implementation,” said Mayaya.

Meanwhile, journalists from different media houses have formed a task force to advocate for ratification of right to food bill.

Dumbani Mzale of Nation publications limited was elected chairperson for the task force deputised by Moses Masiye of Zodiak broadcasting station (ZBS) while Precious Nsosa of Montfort media and Gladys Nthenda of MBC were elected secretary and treasurer respectively.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Australia PM Tony Abbott ousted by Malcolm Turnbull



Australia is to have a new prime minister after Tony Abbott was ousted as leader of the Liberal Party by cabinet minister Malcolm Turnbull.

In the hastily-arranged party leadership ballot, Mr Abbott, who had been plagued by poor opinion polls, received 44 votes to Mr Turnbull’s 54.

Liberal MPs also voted for Julie Bishop to remain deputy leader of the party.
Mr Turnbull is expected to be sworn in after Mr Abbott writes to the Governor General and resigns.

Earlier on Monday, at a press conference in Canberra, Mr Turnbull said if Mr Abbott remained as leader, the coalition government would lose the next election.

He said he had not taken the decision lightly, but that it was “clear enough that the government is not successful in providing the economic leadership that we need” and that Australia needed a new style of leadership.

Mr Turnbull will be Australia’s fourth prime minister since 2013.

Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard was ousted by rival Kevin Rudd in a leadership vote in June 2013 – months before a general election that Tony Abbott’s Liberal Party won.

Ms Gillard herself ousted Mr Rudd as prime minister in 2010.

Who is Malcolm Turnbull?

Served as Minister for -Communications under Mr Abbott, before resigning to launch a leadership challenge
Many in his party dislike his support for climate change action and gay marriage
Led the Liberal Party in opposition from 2008-2009 – but lost a leadership challenge to Mr Abbott by one vote
Previously worked as a successful lawyer and businessman – defending former British spy Peter Wright in the “Spycatcher” case in the 1980s|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

60 year old Malawian man fined $5 for insulting state President


Moses Masiye
Sept 12, 2015

A Malawian first grade magistrate court in Balaka district has ordered a 60 year old man to pay a fine of 3,000 kwacha (about USD5) or in default serve 3 months imprisonment with hard labour for insulting the state President.

Police Prosecutor Constable Christopher Nyirongo told the court that the suspect Alinafe Paul, 60 on the 31st day of August, 2015 insulted state president Professor Author Peter Mutharika.

Nyirongo said Paul was coming from the garden when he found a tractor woking on the earth road past his village.

The suspect then started accusing the President as to why he thought of grading the earth road during the dry season which was making a lot of dust and ended up calling the President names, a development that annoyed rulling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) sympathisers who reported the matter to Police.

Appearing before the Balaka First Grade Magistrate court, the suspect pleaded guilty to the charge of Conduct likely to cause a breach of Peace which is contrary to section 181 of the Penal code.

Upon submission of facts by the State, the court found him with a case to answer and consequently convicted him.

In his submission before sentence, Constable Nyirongo said the State President needs to be respected by everyone because he is a leader of the country regardless of one’s political affiliation.

“I therefore ask the court to consider giving the suspect a stiffer sentence so that it should be a lesson to would be offenders,” Constable Nyirongo asked the court.

But in mitigation, the suspect pleaded for forgiveness saying that he insulted the President thinking that things are just the same as it was during the campaign period when the President could be insulted anyhow. He thereafter apologised to all those offended.

Passing judgment, First Grade Magistrate Felix Mandala concurred with the state that the President deserve respect.

He said:- “It was surprising that at his age, the suspect could insult the State President. I therefore order him to pay a fine of 3,000 Kwacha or in default serve a 3 month jail-term.”

He said he has given him such a sentence considering that he pleaded guilty and showed remorse.

Alinafe Paul comes from Kanyumbaka village, Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka district and he has since paid the fine.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Son gets 7 years IHL for raping biological mother


Moses Masiye
1st September, 2015

Malawi’s First Grade Magistrate Court in Balaka district on monday sentenced a 23 year old man to 7 years imprisonment with hard labour for raping his biological mother.

The convict Macdonald Kusala was arrested after he was caught red-handed raping his 42 year old mother in her matrimonial house.

Submitting his facts after the suspect pleaded guilty to the charge of rape which is contrary to section 133 of the Penal code, Police Prosecutor Inspector Isaac Mponela told the court that Kusala, on or about the 21st August, 2015 at Khoswe village in Balaka district had carnal knowledge of his biological mother without her consent.

Mponela said:- “The suspect undressed and raped his mother in her matrimonial house where he found her sleeping while drunk and was caught red-handed by his younger brother who reported the matter to the elders of the family leading to his arrest.”

After the submission of the facts and following his own plea of guilty the court found him guilty of raping his mother.

The court convicted him.

In his submission before sentence Inspector Mponela asked the court to consider giving the suspect a stiffer sentence considering the nature and seriousness of the offence which attracts the maximum sentence of death or life imprisonment.

But in his mitigation, Kusala asked for forgiveness saying that he is a first offender and that he raped his mother under the influence of alcohol.

Passing judgment, First Grade Magistrate Felix Mandala agreed with the Police that the suspect deserved a stiffer sentence because of the seriousness of the offence.

“This is a taboo and drunkenness cannot be an excuse and I wonder as to how he managed to go to his mother’s house, undress her and raped her if he was incapacitated,” said Mandala.

Magistrate Mandala then sentenced him to 84 months imprisonment with hard labour, saying this should be a lesson to him and would be offenders.

Macdonald Kusala a second born in a family of six, comes from Khoswe village, Senior Chief Nsamala in Balaka district.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Son 18 bonks drunk mom


By Moses Masiye

A Malawian teenager is under Police custody in Balaka district for allegedly having sexual intercourse with his drunk biological mother.

Balaka police station spokesperson Inspector Joseph Sauka identified the teenager as Mc Donald Kusala of Khoswe village traditional authority Nsamala in the district.

Inspector Sauka said:- “Mc Donald’s younger brother caught them in the act and called his father and other relatives who beat him up before bringing him to police on friday evening.”

According to Inspector Sauka, Kusala told the police during interrogation that he found the mother lying on the mat half naked, and took advantage of nobody’s presence in the house.

He will appear before court to answer Incest charges, which attracts a maximum prison sentence of five years.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Alleluya band back from Italy with free health services for under 15 children


By Moses Masiye

Children below the age of 15 are assured of continued free health services at Comfort community hospital in Malawi’s Balaka district, thanks to the district based Alleluya band for soliciting funds during its two month tour for Italy.

Alleluya band leader Paul Subiri told this blogger upon arrival that though they have not summed up the funds realised in Italy, Malawians should be assured that the free health service will continue.

He said:- ” We did the same last year and I assure fellow Malawians that children below the age 15 will continue accessing free health services at Comfort community hospital in Balaka.”

He also said their fans who missed the band for the past two months, will see them back on stage starting from this August end, starting with Blantyre and Mwanza districts.

Subiri also disclosed that they have come from Italy with a second ‘the best of Alleluya band,’ a CD which fans can acquire during the Shows

Alleluya band is an arm of Andiamo youth cooperative trust, and one of its directors Patrick Bwanali said this is part of social and corporate responsibility.

Bwanali said thousands of children have accessed free medical services at Comfort community hospital, and urged other well-wishers to support the good cause.

District health officer for Balaka Bertha Chikuse earlier commended Andiamo youth cooperative trust for supporting the health sector, saying this has eased congestion at the district hospital.

“Apart from offering free services to children below 15 years, Comfort community hospital also provide free but best maternity services, thereby easing congestion at our district hospital,” said Chikuse.

Alleluya band had over 40 shows in Italy, with the sole purpose of raising funds for Comfort community hospital.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Community denied access to development due to lack of a bridge


By Moses Masiye

Communities under group village Kainga in Malawi’s western part of Ntcheu district have for the past 14 years been denied access to safe drinking water, better markets, and health services among other services due to absence of bridges on Rivirivi and Mwansambe rivers.

Group village Kainga told this blogg on sunday after member of parliament for Ntcheu west constituency Reverend Mwayi Kamuyambeni laid a foundation stone to mark the beginning of construction works on Riviririvi river, where there has been no bridge for the past 14 years.

“Since floods washed away the bridge on Rivirivi river in 2001, life has been hell since we can not use the shorter route to Ntcheu boma to access health services, sell our produce among other services,” said Group village head Kainga.

She said people in her area have also on more than two occasions lost a chance to have boreholes drilled in the area as vehicles could not reach the village.

GVH Kainga added that:- “Our village was one of the beneficiaries of Concern universal, a non governmental organisation that wanted to drill boreholes, but these were relocated elsewhere after the vehicles carrying the heavy drilling machines failed to reach here due to absence of bridges on both sides.”

She said she is grateful that within a year since parliamentarian for the area was elected, a bridge on Mwansambe river has been rehabilitated, though it is still the longest to the boma, unlike the one under construction.

Rev Kamuyambeni said he has spent over 3million from the constituency development fund (CDF), to ensure that atleast the people have an opening to several developments through rehabilitation of the one on Mwansambe river.

The parliamentarian said though the construction of the 13 million kwacha bridge on Rivirivi river has commenced, there are no funds available and appealed to well-wishers to come in and assist.

Community development assistant for the area Christopher Sanena said the district council will come in to assist, but was quick to attribute the failure all along, to lack of resources.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Teacher in police custody for defiling girl 15


By Moses Masiye

Malawi Police in Balaka district have arrested a 32 year old Secondary School Teacher for allegedly defiling a 15 year old pupil.

Balaka Police publicist Inspector Josephy Sauka said the suspect is identified as Ernest John Chaopsa who is a Teacher at Mbela Community Day Secondary School in the district.

“This came to light after the suspect met the victim’s parents to propose a hand in marriage for the 15 year old pupil.
“The parents were surprised hence the suspect used to encourage the girl to concentrate on her studies a development that made them take the girl to hospital for check-up and was found pregnant,” Said Inspector Sauka.

The victim mentioned the suspect as the man responsible for the pregnancy a development that made her parents report the matter to Ulongwe Police Unit.

Meanwhile the suspect is expected to appear before court soon where he will answer a case of defilement of girls under the age of 16 years which is contrary to section 138(1) of the Penal code.

The section says ‘any person who with or without consent carnally knows any girl under the age of 16 years commits an offence of defilement which is punishable to life imprisonment if found guilty.’

Ernest John Chaopsa comes from Kabota village, Sub Traditional Authority Kachenga in Balaka district.

This comes barely days after Balaka Police arrested a 57 year old Mark Chafachaona for allegedly defiling his 15 year old step daughter whom he also reportedly impregnated.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

The Catholic Church engages the media to advocate for enactment of right to food bill and implementation of other relevant policies


Written by Moses Masiye
August 20, 2015

The Catholic church through its development commission (CADECOM) has called upon the media to take up a task of advocating for enactment and proper implementation of resilience policies that would assist overcome challenges like climate change effects and food insecurity among others.

CADECOM national secretary Carsterns Mulumbe said during a two- day media awareness workshop on such resilience policies like disaster risk management, National climate change, National agriculture polices and right to food bill.

He said the media has a vital role to play in advocating for proper implementation and enactment of the resilience policies, especially when there is proper understanding of them.

Mulumbe said:- “There are several challenges the country is facing due to delayed enactment and implementation of several policies.
“We therefore engage the media to take a bold step in advocating for the same, so that challenges coming along due to climate change among others, may improve for the better.”

Cadecom is mostly advocating for disaster risk management policy, climate change policy, National agriculture policy and right to food bill.

According to Mulumbe, there would be proper prevention measures and response to natural disasters with proper implementation of the policies.

“There are no standardised risk assessment tools, resources readily available and no timely assistance for natural disasters,” said Mulumbe.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Government medical drugs for sale in Balaka amid scarcity of the same in Malawi’s public health facilities


By Moses Masiye

Amid scarcity of drugs in Malawi’s public hospitals, Police in Balaka district have arrested two people for being found in possession of government labelled drugs and allegedly operating clinics without licence.

Balaka police public relations officer Inspector Joseph Sauka said they arrested the two Mustafa Limbe 43 and Jones Malata 57 following a tip off that they were operating from their homes in the area of Group Village Headman Kwitanda.

Some of the drugs that were recovered included, LA, Cotrimoxazole, Paracetamol, Flagyl, albendazole, ciprofloxacin, gentamycin, quinine, tetracycline and both used and unused syringes.

The drugs have not yet been valued and quantified.

“Both suspects are expected to appear before court to answer cases of operating clinics without licence and found in possession of medical drugs without licence which is against the Pharmacy, medicines and Poisons Act number 15 of 1988,” said Inspector Sauka

Mustafa Limbe comes from Kwitanda village while Jones Malata comes from Chinseu village all from Traditional Authority Msamala in Balaka district.

Meanwhile officer In-charge for Balaka Police Station Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Benfrey Kamanga has commended communities in the district for tipping their police and has promised to give require attention and speed to every tip.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Father 57 defiles 15 year old step daughter


By Moses Masiye

Malawi Police in Balaka district have arrested a 57 year old man for allegedly defiling his 15 year old daughter.

Balaka police public relations officer Inspector Joseph Sauka said the suspect Mark Chafachaona is on record to have been defiling the daughter on several occasions.

Inspector Sauka said:- “The girl was recently pregnant, and the father facilitated an abortion.”

The girl told the police that her step father again started forcing himself on her, which prompted her report the dad to a child protection worker in the area.

“The suspect who will be taken to court shortly, says in a statement that the devil forced him to defile the step daughter,” said Inspector Sauka

Chafachaona will answer defilement charges contrary to section 138 sub section 1 of the penal code.

Mr. Mark Chafachaona who has 8 biological children, comes from Magombo village, Traditional Authority Nkaya in Balaka district.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Council for the handcapped abuses persons with disabilities in Balaka


By Moses Masiye

While people with disabilities rely on organisations that stand for their rights, this blogger can confirm that some in Malawi’s Balaka district are facing hell following withholding of wheelchairs for almost two years by Malawi council for the handicapped (MACOHA), taken for repair.

Speaking through councilor for persons with disabilities for Balaka district Godfrey Chinkhota, the people complained that life is unbearable for them to go back to crawling, after long time reliance of a wheelchair.

“This is negatively affecting daily life, hence they relied on these wheel chairs for income generating activities, but now it is almost impossible,” said Chinkhota.

He said he has tried all efforts to speak to council officials on behalf of the concerned, only to be told of poor funding as the main reason to the delayed repairing of the devices.

MACOHA assistant rehabilitation officer for Balaka Denis Ngaiyaye confirmed the delay in an interview with this blog, citing inadequate funding as the main cause.

He said:- “Some wheelchairs were indeed taken in 2013 under community based rehabilitation project, funded by Norwegian association for the disabled, but failed to give repair them due inadequate funding.”

Ngaiyaye however said some of the wheel chairs are almost repaired and will be returned to owners soon.

He admitted that the period is indeed too long, and that has negatively affected the people.

Chinkhota on the other hand said there are many people in need of wheel chairs and other devices, thus asked for other well-wishers to come in, without solely banking all hopes on MACOHA and government.

Absence of national identities may negatively affect community colleges implementation- CSOs


Written by Moses Masiye
Aug 14, 2015

There are fears that community technical college initiative maybe marred by foreigners accessing the services especially in boarder districts if there is no speedy implementation of national identities.

Vice chairperson for civil society network in Ntcheu, a district that shares boundaries with Mozambique, asked president Peter Mutharika to consider speedy implementation of national identities, saying this is one other possible solution.

“Ntcheu and other districts sharing boundaries with other countries have for a long time been complaining of foreigners accessing the country’s free services especially in the areas of health and education at the expense of the tax payer.

“It is to this regard that civil societies raise fears that this may trickle down to community technical colleges once they get rolling,” said Chikakuda.

Presdential advisor on civil society organisations Mavuto Bamusi assured the civil society networks during consultation meetings that the fears will be tabled before the president and will probably provide feedback.

He said:- “This concern and others solicited countrywide during consultations with CSOs will be tabled before the president.”

Meanwhile, National registration bureau publicist Norman fulatira says the process that requires about 20 million united states dollars, is on the move, after government allocated 1.5 billion kwacha in this year’s national budget.

“Production of national identities may commence by December in some parts of the country,” said Fulatira.

Other common concerns the civil society organisations raised include thorough audit of district councils, saying there is a growing tendency of financial mismanagement in most councils countrywide.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Ntcheu Police nab 2 Mozambicans offering human placentas for sale


Written by Moses Masiye
July 29, 2015

Malawi Police in Ntcheu district on wednesday arrested two Mozambican nationals for being found in possession of three placentas they were allegedly offering for sale.

Ntcheu police deputy publicist Hastings Chigaru told this blogger that the two, Samson Mateyu 58 and Everson Matolino 37, were offering all the three placentas for about 2.4 million kwacha.

“They are charged for being found in possession of human tissues, contrary to section 9 to 11, volume four of the anatomy Act,” said Chigaru.

Chigaru said the two men approached a certain Ntcheu based businessman on sunday with the offer, but did not bring the placentas then.

They agreed to come again this wednesday to finalise the deal.

Sergeant Chigaru said:- “The businessman alerted us and were present the time the two parties were bargaining.”

Mateyu and Matolino told the police during an interrogation that they bought the placentas from a traditional birth attendant in their home village at about 6 thousand kwacha each,

They both come from Manyanga village, t/a Zidana in Mozambique’s Mtengowambalame district.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Honeymoon over for poachers at Liwonde National park, Kasungu national park next


Moses Masiye

After creating a tough environment for poachers in Malawi’s Liwonde national park with support from Creating safe haven project, ministry of tourism says will borrow a leaf to take the initiative to Kasungu National park.

Malawi Minister of information, tourism and culture Kondwani Nankhumwa said the initiative that empowered game rangers with incentives among other necessities, has proved successful, after over 70 poachers were apprehended, with 10 thousand lethal snares and gin-traps confiscated.

Nankhumwa said the country is feeling the pitch as it is losing tourist attraction through increased poaching, thereby affecting the country’s economy.

“With the meagre resources, government is struggling to curb poaching, thereby losing revenue, as poachers are reducing tourist attraction,” complained the minister.

While handing over Operation safe haven activities to community through government, Nankhumwa said the operation has proved successful as a result, the ministry is taking it to Kasungu National park where poaching is said to be a problem as well.

Nankhumwa said:- “Since we have given African parks limited a 20 year concession to man Liwonde national park and Nkhotakota game reserve, we are introducing the initiative to Kasungu National park in a bid to make it a safe haven for wildlife.”

Operation safe Haven is a brainchild of one Mark Hiley, a wildlife film-maker who in 2012 came to Liwonde national park as a tourist, and saw lots of elephants and rare black Rhino dying in poachers snares.

“I was just concerned as to why Malawi so obviously in need of tourism income would allow cheap wire snares destroy animals of national importance,” said Hiley when handing over operation safe haven to government of Malawi.

Hiley said other contributing factors before the operation began in November 2014, were badly demotivated, habitual drunk or corrupt game rangers who connived with poachers.

“Massacre of wildlife is halted, law and order is transformed and level of security improved, and hope African parks takes over with in mind, assured security of the country’s population and Rhinos among others,” said Hiley.
Operation safe haven founder assured government that they are willing to continue investing in wildlife protection, if the department of parks and wildlife is serious about protecting its reputation with the donor community and eradicating indiscipline at ground level.

Between November 2014 and June this year 2015, Operation safe haven has spent about 85 thousand United states dollars towards creating a tough environment for poachers.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Sound check- Blacks set for Kuimba ten launch


By Moses Masiye

After having danced to promotion tracks currently almost dominating airplay, Malawi’s Black missionaries (Blacks) band is convinced that it can take the full Kuimba 10 album to the market.

Blacks band leader Anjiru Fumulani said Blantyre should brace for a massive launch of the 11 track album at Robins park on July 31, 2015.

“People have welcomed the four promotion tracks and its high time they have a feel for the rest tracks from July 31,” said Fumulani.

He said he is thankful to the fans who love the Blacks for the support shown since the four tracks were released, and the feed back shows people have welcomed Kuimba 10.

The band leader says there is maturity in Kuimba 10, and people are likely to enjoy the tenth album.

Fumulani said after launching in Blantyre, The Blacks will launch Kuimba 10 in Lilongwe on August 2, 2015.

Random interviews conducted countrywide on the four promotional tracks proved difficult to determine the best as others preferred one or two over the latter, while others would opt for the opposite.

Tizingocheza track however proved the most ‘danceable’ as assessed in four shows held in Salima, Mangochi, Balaka and Blantyre, where many people would sing along.

For the group according to Anjiru, they dedicated all attention to every song in the album so as to give people the best.

“It is up for the audience to choose the best track,” said Anjiru to this blogger.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Malawi bank hopes on Zambia to meet electricity generation defeceit


By Moses Masiye

This blogger can confirm that Malawi’s plans to tap power from Mozambique may delay as the country is considering to inter connect power with Zambia in the near future, reportedly looking faster to materialise than the latter.

Public relations officer in the Ministry of energy and mining Josephy Kalowekamo told this blogger that a pre feasibility study is already underway, and a meeting between the two countries’ energy ministers is yet to take place while waiting to sign a memorandum of understanding.

Kalowekamo said:- “Government is aware of the development and the ministry is already conducting a pre feasibility study so that the country should benefit from the same.
“A feasibility study will follow and possibly meetings of the two countries to discuss how to go about this.”

This is coming after other plans of tapping power from Mozambique.

But according to Kalowekamo, Malawi would need both inter connections, though it shows the Zambia deal may overtake the mozambique one.

“The Zambia deal would be faster hence the power line has almost reached Chipata, unlike Mozambique where we also need more time and resources for a feasibility study,” said Kalowekamo.

Zambia has expressed interest to export power to Malawi and Mozambique once the construction of the 330kilo Volts transmission line from Pensulo in Central Province to Chipata’s Msekera Sub Station in Eastern Province is completed this September.

Zambia’s electricity supply corporation transmission line from central province to Chipata substation in the eastern province is expected to complete by September this year.

Shih Shaokuang, Site manager for Tebian Electric Apparatus-TBEA, a company that is doing the work, was quoted in Zambia’s Lusaka times last week tuesday that about 85 percent of the work is done.

Shaokuang said the Eastern province is going to have so much power meaning Zambia will be able to export some to Malawi and Mozambique.

Malawi currently generates 351 megawats of electricity, less than the demand of about 400 megawats.

It may however take about two years for this to materialise, hence according to Kalowekamo, the feasibility study may take about a year.

Malawi is optimistic it will meet the required electricity demand once this deal is sealed.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Balaka Muslim women feed 300 patients at Balaka district hospital


By Moses Masiye

While hospitals are struggling to run daily activities like feeding patients due to low or lack of funding, Balaka district hospital had a sigh of relief on Monday after Muslim women organisation Balaka chapter provided lunch for all patients.

Cordinator for Balaka muslim women organisation Hawa Billy says they contributed from their pockets an amount of 250 thousand kwacha that enabled them manage the donation.

“The money enabled us buy food to feed over 300 patients on top of soap, salt, snacks and other items we donated to patients as part of Eid celebrations,” said Billy.

She said the choice to donate to the hospital came after noting that most patients admitted to hospitals do not plan, as a result they lack most basic needs.

Balaka district health officer Bertha Chikuse said the donation was timely.

She said:- “This came at a time when we are struggling to feed patients among other challenges, due to delayed funding.”

Maseko however said the situation is not as bad as other hospitals hence they are atleast managing three meals a day.

The district health sector in charge commended the muslim women for the donation, which she said prolonged the budget for the hospital.

Some Malawian hospitals are currently providing a single meal a day due to resource constraints.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389



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Sorry for any inconvenience.

Me, Myself and I.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

District commissioner and a Roman Catholic Church Priest in Ntcheu call for food aid- many people are starving


By Moses Masiye

District commissioner for Ntcheu and a Catholic priest in the district have called for immediate assistance of flood victims reportedly neglected, saying most households are food insecure.

In separate interviews, Ntcheu district commissioner Harry Phiri and Reverend father Andrew Ntendere of Sharpe Valley Parish said the situation is pathetic, as most relief items went to the lower shire, leaving behind people in other affected areas like Ntcheu.

Nsanje, Chikwawa and Phalombe were some of the 15 disaster districts, mostly affected by Malawi floods as a result of heavy rains the past rainy season.

Most relief items were directed to those three districts, leaving out equally affected districts like Ntcheu.

Reverend father Andrew Ntendere of Sharpe valley parish along Ntcheu Bwanje valley, said most people in the district are food insecure as a result of this.

Father Ntendere said:- “Although I sourced funds from my friends in Holland that would see about 600 households receiving 25 kilograms of maize each for some months,though many families are not reached.”

District commissioner for Ntcheu Harry Phiri while commending Father Ntendere, concurred with him saying many households still require food aid.

He said most parts of the district were affected, as crops were washed away while some affected by the dry spells.

“We are calling upon well wishers to come along with relief aid, especially food,” begged Phiri.

Hundreds of people lost lives and thousands left destitute after the floods washed away their crops and belongings in Malawi earlier this year.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

NASAF President no more


By Moses Masiye

President of Malawi’s National Salvation Front (NASAF) James Nyondo has died at the age of 47, his family has confirmed.

Nyondo’s brother Fiskani confirmed the development saying the politician and trained lawyer died of lung cancer.

“He died Friday night at a South African hospital and burial arrangements are yet to be announced” said the brother.

He is survived by a wife and three children.


James Mbowe Nyondo a Malawian lawyer, development worker, and presidential candidate was born on 14 May 1968 in Chitipa, Malawi.

Nyondo submitted his nomination papers on 4 February 2009 to run as an independent candidate in Malawi’s 19 May 2009 presidential and parliamentary elections.

He said to have sponsored over 120 independent parliamentary candidates by paying their MK 100,000 ($700 USD) nomination fee.

He was the only independent candidate in the 2009 presidential election and campaigned on the need for a new generation of leadership, a smaller cabinet, an end to the personal extravagance of the then and previous governments, and an end to regional and tribal discrimination in the national government

Nyondo attended Chancellor College, a constituent of the University of Malawi, where he reversed his outspoken opposition to Christianity. He subsequently moved to South Africa where he completed a degree in law. He later got a Business degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

In 2006, Nyondo completed his studies in the US and moved back to Malawi to launch an effort he called Servants of the Nation with the goal of mentoring local leaders to address the problems of their own people.

He also tried his presidential bid in last year’s tripartite election, in which president Arthur Peter Muntharika emerged winner.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Pregnant ARV defaults threatening PMTC in Malawi’s Ntcheu district


By Moses Masiye
July 18, 2015

The growing tendency of some pregnant women denying or absconding antiretroviral treatment is reportedly hindering prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) initiative in Malawi’s central region district of Ntcheu.

Ntcheu district health office ART cordinator Ackson Chandra said about 20 percent of pregnant women diagonized HIV positive deny or default ARV treatment, thereby contributing to some newborn babies contracting HIV from their mothers.

This comes amid different stakeholders’ efforts to end HIV transmission from mother to child in Malawi.

Chandra said:- “This is contributing to increased number of children born with the virus, though I don’t have the statistics at hand.”

He said most of such women are those who go to antenatal clinic without partners.

Malawi interfaith Aids association (MIAA) one organisation working in Ntcheu district is on record promoting male involvement to end such problems.

MIAA communications officer Ulemu Kusapali told this blogger that they believe couple testing is key to adherence to medication.

“We are implementing Promoting Access to drugs and medication project. With support from Norwegian Church aid, in which we are promoting male involvement so as to deal away with this problem among others,” said Kusapali.

He said pregnant women who go to antenatal clinic without their spouses, fear to break the news when found HIV positive, as a result they do not start treatment, putting at the unborn baby at risk of contracting the virus.

Meanwhile MIAA has involved traditional and religious leaders to ensure that the take a leading role in promoting couple testing and address discrimination challenges still existing in the communities.

The religious and traditional leaders in Ntcheu have so far vowed to take a bold step to make a conducive environment for people who openly declare their HIV status.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Balaka ward councillors expose 16 percent revenue fraud


By Moses Masiye

Barely two weeks after ward councillors in Malawi’s Balaka district took up the task of collecting revenue on behalf of the employed staff, it has been revealed that the council has been losing about 16 percent either through embezzlement or other ways yet to be established.

Speaking to this blogger while collecting bus depot fees, Balaka district council chairperson Patrick Botoman said it is surprising that they are able to collect 16 percent more, raising questions as to where that money goes each day.

Botoman said in the bus depot alone for example, they are able to collect between 40 and 60 thousand kwacha a day, yet the direct employees usually collect about 20 to 40 thousand a day.

“This will help us set targets of expected daily or monthly revenue, which if not met, will translate to incompetence on the part of the direct employees” warned Botoman.

District commissioner for Balaka Rodrick Mateauma said this is a sad development especially when the council is struggling to pay the same direct staff that is not faithful when carrying out its duties.

He said the total wage bill is about 4.5 million Kwacha, yet the council’s average monthly revenue is only about 1.2 million Kwacha.

“It is sad if revenue collectors tamper with resources meant for their own salaries.
“This will force us to consider trimming the number of direct employees currently about a hundred, or embarke on frequent rotation of duty station hence many have overstayed,” said Mateauma.

He said they better keep a workforce that would bring the appropriate revenue and which the council would manage to pay.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Church bails out 450 households from hunger


By Moses Masiye
June 16, 2015

450 households of Malawi’s Ntcheu Bwanje valley are all smiles after carting home 25 kilograms of maize each, thanks to a Roman catholic father for Sharpe valley parish in the area.

Reverend Father Andrew Mtendere also father superior for the parish, said he felt a need to incorporate the humanitarian part apart from the spiritual side of his flock.

He said due to devastating floods that hit most parts of Malawi, many families were left destitute.

“This prompted me to ask for assistance elsewhere after foreseeing that many households not only my church members, will be food insecure and personal friends of Holland came to my rescue,” said Father Mtendere.

The man of God added that he is optimistic that he will continue assisting the households up to harvesting period next year, God willing.

He assured the beneficiaries that: “am assured of the next six months, but with faith, I will be with them for a year.”

Group village head Mkumphira commended Father Mtendere for the assistance.

She asked other religious leaders and organisations to emulate, so as to reach out many vulnerable households.

GVH Mkumphira said most maize fields were washed away thereby leaving the families food insecure.

The maize already distributed is worthy about three million Malawi kwacha.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Death toll from heatwave in India reaches 800, as temperature nears 50 degrees celcius


Tue May 26, 2015 12:30PM (

The death toll from a major heatwave sweeping across India has hit 800 as temperatures are forecast to approach 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) in the coming days.

Hospitals across India were on alert to treat the victims of heatstroke, and officials advised people to stay indoors with no end in sight to the searing temperatures.

“As of now, we don’t predict any respite from the extreme heatwave for the next few days,” spokesman for India’s Meteorological Department B. P. Yadav said.

At least 551 people have died in the past week in Andhra Pradesh State, the worst-hit state in southern India. Streets were completely deserted in the provincial capital, Hyderabad.

“The state government has taken up education programs through television and other media to tell people not to venture into the outside without a cap, to drink water and other measures,” said P. Tulsi Rani, the special commissioner for disaster management in the state.

“We have also requested NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and government organizations to open up drinking water camps so that water will be readily available for all the people in the towns,” he added.

People in the Indian capital, New Delhi, also continue to suffer the sweltering heat as temperatures neared 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit).

The high-circulation daily Hindustan Times ran a front page picture showing a main road in the city melting in the heat, with the white stripes of the intersection curling into the black asphalt.

There are increasing concerns over potential power cuts as people in many parts of India have their air conditioners working overtime.

Businesses in New Delhi are running slowly, said the owner of a food shop, regretting that very few people venture out in the furnace-like conditions.

MS/KA/HJL|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Malawi man gets 6 years IHL for sodomy


Moses Masiye
May 26, 2015

Malawi’s Ntcheu first grade magistrate court has sentenced a 26 year old man to six years imprisonment for sodomising a 20 year old boy without consent.

Ntcheu first grade magistrate Johns Masula said he convicted Tokha Nason, considering that the victim is also an embecile, on top of violating the laws of the land.

Representing the state, police prosecutor Inspector Henry Chigoli paraded several witnesses to testify against the accused.

The state also tendered as evidence a medical report that proved the victim’s anal knowledge.

Inspector Chigoli asked the court to consider giving a stiffer sentence.

In mitigation, Nason who denied the charges, asked for leniency saying he looks after the elderly and some orphans.

But Ntcheu First grade magistrate Johns Masula quashed the mitigation factors saying Nason would have considered these before committing the felony.

First grade magistrate Masula sentenced Tokha Nason of Ngalande village traditional authority Njolomole in Ntcheu district, to six years imprisonment with hard labor, after finding him guilty.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Inkosi Cham’thunya 4 of Balaka buried


Moses Masiye
May 25, 2015

Ministry of local government and rural development has bemoaned chieftaincy wrangles saying they derail development in the country.

Minister responsible Trasizio Gowelo made the remarks in Balaka during a burial ceremony of traditional authority Cham’thunya the fourth on sunday, where he also commended the ngoni culture that unveils the rightful heir to the throne during burial.

“This is commendable and leaves no space for chieftaincy wrangles,” said Gowelo.

He said chieftaincy wrangles have derailed development hence chiefs play a vital role at the grass root level.

Unlike other traditions, the Maseko Ngonis unveil the next king during burial.

Weston Cham’thunya, a son to deceased T/a Cham’thunya 4, was named as the rightful candidate, to be elevated as T/a Cham’thunya the fifth.

Speaking earlier, princess Rosemary Malinki who represented Inkosi yamakosi Gomani 5 at the burial ceremony, asked family members to stay calm and support the rightful heir elect.

District commissioner for Balaka Rodrick Mateauma and member of parliament for Balaka west Shanil Dzimbiri said they have lost a development conscious chief.

They both commended the late T/a Cham’thunya 4 for preserving and promoting Ngoni culture in the district.
Born Hernest Cham’thunya in 1928, he became a chief in 1982, rose to sub T/a in 2003 and later elevated as full traditional authority in 2013.

He died Thursday night at the age of
87 after a long battle with diabetes and high blood pressure.

He is survived by a wife, 6 children and 27 grandchildren.

Three gunshorts were fired in honor of the late Inkosi Cham’thunya the fourth.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Two headteachers arrested for organised cheating in the just ended PSLCE examinations


Moses Masiye
April 09, 2015

The Malawi National examinations board- MANEB has effected the arrest of two head teachers from Dowa district schools for alleged organised cheating, in the just ended 2015 primary school leaving certificate examinations .

MANEB public relations officer Simeon Maganga confirmed to this blogger that two headteachers 42 year old Gedion Kalinde of Chisepo primary school and 43 year old Steven Sajeni of Chinziri primary school allegedly collected 500 kwachas from each candidate to bribe examination invigilators.

“We instituted an investigation after public tip off and found out that the money was collected and used to house and feed the officers invigilating the examinations there.
“This is in contrary to section 14 of MANEB Act, and they have a case to answer in the court of law,” said Maganga.

He said investigations are still underway, and more arrests are likely to be made.

Maganga however described this year’s primary school examinations successful, on grounds that there were no cases of leakage and that all centres countrywide managed to write without problems.

A total of 290 thousand candidates were eligible to sit for 2015 primary school leaving certificate of education examinations.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Pastor arrested for concealing birth


Police in Dowa have arrested a female pastor for dumping a newly born baby in a bush.

Sergeant Richard Kaponda- Dowa police PRO confirmed the arrest of Pastor Mercy Longwe of Mvera Assemblies of God Church.

Kaponda said the pastor told the police that she was afraid of being chopped off from the Church system.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Angry mob in Ntcheu stone to death a violent 36 year old man


Moses Masiye
May 4, 2015

An angry mob in Ntcheu has stoned a 36-year-old man who later died at the District Hospital there, for causing chaos at a football match at Nsiyaludzu football ground.

Ntcheu police public relations officer Sub inspector Gift Matewere identified the deceased as Misheck Phiri of Ntefula village Traditional Authority Kuntaja in Blantyre.

According to sub inspector Matewere, the deceased Misheck Phiri was threatening the spectators with a knife, chasing everybody saying would stub them.

People were annoyed and started to stone him until one police officer from Nsiyaludzu police unit intervened to rescue Phiri.

The situation came out of hand after Phiri stabbed on the left eye of the police officer who came to save his life.

Phiri died due to multiple fractures and severe loss of blood.

Police however condemned mob justice, saying people should take to police all suspects for appropriate action.

Meanwhile investigations on the matter are still underway.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Selected prisoners to spend last year of jail term aquiring vocational training outside prison


Moses Masiye
April 30, 2015

The Malawi Prison Service (MPS) and Prison Fellowship Malawi (PFM) have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that will see inmates serving the last year of their prison term at the latter’s Half Way House in Balaka for vocational training.

According to terms and conditions of the MOU, this is to promote rehabilitation and re-integration of offenders into society.

Chief Commissioner of Prisons in Malawi, Kennedy Nkhoma said after the signing of the MOU at MPS headquarters in Zomba, that the MOU guarantees the trust and confidence in the offender management system by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of re-integration of offenders into community.

Nkhoma said:- “Prisons occupy the bottom part of most governments the world over so this milestone undertaking will protect the rights of all the stakeholders in the reintegration exercise and encourage skills and resources sharing between the parties and community.”

He said re- integrating and rehabilitating prisoners through skills development and training is important than just putting offenders in custody as the only best solution .

Ludovick Jalasi, PFM vice board chair, said the move will bring prison services to the community apart from reducing congestion.

“This signifies the great importance attached by the two parties to the rehabilitation, restoration, acceptance by society, and re-integration of offenders back into society, ” Jalasi said.

Jalasi added that it is their desire to effect the agreement of establishing mutual cooperation between MPS and PFM in the management and implementation of the Half Way House programme.

PMF executive director, Rodrick Zalimba, said unlike before when they were managing ex-prisoners, they will now be dealing with inmates with one year left to their prison terms.

“We will facilitate offender integration through provision of skills training, spiritual and social counselling thereby empowering them to have a sustainable livelihood after imprisonment,” Zalimba said.

He said PFM will also provide offender community linkage through community participatory work.

MPS is a government department under ministry of home affairs mandated to provide care, treatment, housing, rehabilitation and correctional services of offenders while PFM is a trans-denominational faith based organization affiliated to Prison Fellowship International.

All offenders admitted into the Half Way House will have to satisfy all the legal processes of selection and meet strict stipulated selection criteria.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Malawi defence force soldier shoots himself to death


Moses Masiye
April 27, 2015

A Malawi defence force corporal at Kamuzu Barracks has shot himself to death early monday morning.

MDF spokesperson Lieutenant Paul Chiphwanya confirmed the death of corporal Msanide Chimphepo, whose particulars are yet to be provided.

Lieutenant Chiphwanya said corporal Mphepo shot himself while on duty at the gate, but reasons behind the shooting are not yet established.

He said investigations are underway to establish the cause behind the shooting.

The MDF spokesperson described Chimphepo as cool person.

The late Chimphepo was not married.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Friends of Balaka relieve Utale parish of caring for leprosy community


Moses Masiye
April 20, 2015

About 28 people living with leprosy at Utale 2 in Malawi’s Balaka district were all smiles on Sunday after a humanitarian grouping, Friends of Balaka, donated assorted food and non-food items worth over 400 thousand kwacha.

Chairperson of the grouping, Davison Kumpama, said people living with leprosy at Utale often live in deprived conditions because most people and organisations neglect them.

“We thought of rendering a helping hand to people living at Utale lepra village because they seem neglected and lack many basic needs,” Kumpama said.

He said relatives abandoned most of them and currently depend on the Catholic Church for their daily needs thereby putting pressure on the church.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the lepers, Father Dominic Chikankheni, said it is not easy to take care of the needs of the lepers as the cost of living is high.

“We welcome any assistance for our friends with leprosy. Of course leprosy was eradicated in Malawi but new cases of recurring and we are treating as well as feeding them daily,” Chikankheni said.

He said its not easy to procure medication for the people and called upon well wishers to come forward.

MP for Balaka South, Frank Mapondo, said ministry of gender, disability and children welfare should extend its programmes to the people affected with leprosy at Utale.

“We wished if the social cash transfer was extended to these people because they are ultra poor with no known means of income,” Mapondo said.

Minister of gender, disability and children welfare Patricia Kaliyati concurred with Mapondo saying there is a need to revisit the beneficiary list, hence social cash transfer program has already reached Balaka.

Kaliyati said:- “we are already implementing social cash transfer program in Balaka with support from Irish aid, and we will consider how tbis would extend to lepra village in Utale.”

The community of leprosy people was established by the late Bishop Alessandro Asollari of Mangochi Diocese at Utale2 to cater for people who were ravaged by leprosy and 28 people are still being cared for today.

Friends of Balaka donated maize flour, rice, sugar, soap, among other, worth over 400 thousand kwacha and later made a 50 thousand kwacha donation for construction of new Nkhalango mosque in Balaka.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

State house women donate 2.5million relief items to 200 Balaka flood victims


Moses Masiye
April 21, 2015

A grouping of women who work at State Residences and spouses of men who work at State Residences on Saturday donated food stuffs and other relief items worth over K2.5 million to people who were affected by floods in Balaka District.

Speaking before distributing the items to beneficiaries in the area of Sub-Traditional Authority Nandumbo in Balaka North East Constituency, Chairperson of the grouping Mrs. Chance Ndidalira Mukhito said the donation was in response to President Peter Mutharika declaration of disaster areas, referring to all districts affected by floods.

She explained that since the declaration State house women have been holding various fundraising activities to procure the relief items.

“When President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika declared the national disaster, we said among ourselves that we cannot sit and watch others do something, but act.

“The contributions plus the fundraising activities we conducted, enabled us reach about 200 affected households,” said Mrs Mukhito.

Each family received maize floor, a blanket, cooking oil, and assorted utensils.

Balaka District Commissioner Rodrick Mateauma, commended State House women for the relief items saying the donation was timely, hence other well-wishers who came earlier did not reach out every needy person.

“The need for relief supplies is still there because crops were destroyed in the floods and these people have not harvested anything.

“We still require more support particularly food supplies until the next harvest,” said Mateauma.

According to District Disaster Officer for Balaka, Taonga Kamanga, up to 14, 000 farming families were displaced by floods in Balaka district with 4000 hectares of farmland washed away.

At least eight people including a four year old child died.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389



Moses Masiye
April 17, 2015

A mother of seven is in Police custody at Ulongwe Police Unit in Balaka district for allegedly concealing birth of a child.

Balaka police public spokesperson sub Inspector Joseph Sauka said the suspect Daliya Alick 32 gave birth to a baby boy on 14th April, 2014 and then dumped the baby in a pit latrine.
After the incident, the suspect continued staying as if nothing has happened but members of the community suspected foul play after seeing her not pregnant and with no baby.

“The community tipped us and we arrested the suspect. The suspect confessed to have dumped the baby into a pit latrine a development that forced us to demolish the pit latrine; but the baby was found already dead,” said Sub inspector Sauka.

The suspect said she has seven children that she is failing to take care of and could not manage to take care of the child alone because the father denied responsibility.

Meanwhile, the suspect is in Police custody and is expected to appear before court soon where she will answer a case of concealing death which is contrary to section 232 of the Penal code.

Daliya Alick comes from Mdenga village, Traditional Authority Amidu in the same district of Balaka.

In a related development, a year old child has died in Balaka district after he drowned in a bucket of water.

According to the mother of the deceased Chrissy Tambula 25, the child met his fate when he was left alone at home after she went to answer a call of nature.

When the mother returned, she was surprised to see her 1year old son in a half full bucket of water already dead.

Postmortem conducted at Balaka District Hospital revealed that death was due to suffocation.|+265 999 14 8304| +265 884 03 0389

Female sex workers advancing in the fight for their rights

Writen by Moses Masiye

Female sex workers in the country say are slowly changing hostile community mindset towards them through behavioural change and engaging the society in dialogues, following the formation of Female sex workers association (FSWA).

FSWA national cordinator Zinenani Majawa says they have been meeting resistance in religious gatherings and community engagements, but through the association, they are managing to change people’s mindset by working on their own behavior.

“The community has been labeling us as outcasts, and judged to an extent of infringing some of our rights.
” We have agreed on the need to change some behaviors people complain against us, so that the society can accommodate us easily,” said Majawa.

She says recent meeting with religious and traditional leaders in Mwanza show that they are winning support towards tolerance, unlike in the past before this advocacy.

Group village headman Chipolosa told this blogger that the community is slowly changing its mindset of judging sexworkers as outcasts, by working together towards development.

“We are slowly getting along better, after they expressed their worries, just as we did on what change we expect from them, so to integrate them into the society,” said Group village Chipolosa.

Sheik Hanif Ngundende of Mwanza central mosque concurred with the chiefs that even in religious institutions, sex workers are discriminated against in several ways.

Sheik Ngundende said:- “Let me be honest that we have denied them their right to worship freely and I take it as an opportunity to warn fellow men of God who discourage their flock taking anti retroviral treatment saying they are healed through prayer.”

Sex workers through the association are also assisting each other to establish retirement plans by coming up with businesses and other income generating activities.

Corrupt police Officers allegedly fueling child marriages in Machinga

Written by Moses Masiye

Traditional leaders, teachers, child protection workers and the youth in Machinga have blamed Ntaja police unit and Mangamba police post for allegedly imposing fines on sexual offences, without court trial.

Speaking in separate interviews, the groups among other factors allege that officers at Ntaja police unit and Mangamba police post are corrupt as they fine suspects and complainants.

Group village headman Mangamba says he has evidence of several sexual offences that were not taken to court alleging that they also demand money.

“Officers at Mangamba police post are demanding money and set free suspects without taking them to court, a malpractice that is chocking the efforts to end child marriages,” complains group village head Mangamba.

Headteacher for Namisangu school Craston Chisalanga and vice chairperson for a network of child protection workers in T/a Liwonde Emelesi Mbendera concurred with group village head Mangamba in separate interviews that the police officers are derailing their efforts to end child marriages.

Machinga police station community policing coordinator Inspector Naison Chibondo says they have not officially received the complaints, but will investigate the allegations and ensure that the suspects are taken to courts.

“We will follow up the complaints and take proper action where necessary,” said inspector Chibondo.

Five non governmental organisations namely Plan Malawi, Center for human rights and rehabilitation, Amref health Africa, Family planning association of Malawi and Centre for youth empowerment and civic education, have teamed up to assist ending child marriages and teenage pregnancies in Machinga district through Yes I do project.

Plan Malawi Yes I do project coordinator Joseph Maere says the project is bringing together all relevant community leaders and members to take a leading role in ensuring that early marriages and teenage pregnancies are eradicated in Machinga district.

A recent evaluation under Yes I do project in Machinga reveals that about 300 boys and girls have been taken back to some primary schools after dropping out in the past 3 months alone.

These were rescued from early marriages, and about 80 percent of these are girls aged below 18 years, some of whom return after giving birth.

Two teenagers to serve 6 year jailterm for raping 40 year old woman

Written by Moses Masiye

The first grade magistrate court in Mwanza district has sentenced two teenagers to six years imprisonment with hard labour for raping a 40 year old woman.

Mwanza first grade magistrate Ranwell Mangazi said the sentence is aimed at giving room for 18 year old Lingison Luciano and his 17 year old accomplice to reform.

“They deserve such a stiffer sentence so that they should come out of prison reformed,” said Mangazi.

Police prosecutor sub inspector Joshua Chirambo told the court earlier that the two in turns raped the woman on November 8th, 2017, when they dragged her into the bush, from the village street they met her.

Sub inspector Chirambo said:- “A well wisher brought the woman to police while crying, and medical report proved she was raped, which led to their arrest two days later.”

Three witnesses were paraded, whose testimony convinced magistrate Mangazi to convict the two, who earlier asked for leniency promising that they would change.

Lingisoni Luciano comes from Kabango village traditional authority Nthache in Mwanza district.

Long at last- Tsangano road upgrading works commence March 2018

Written by Moses Masiye
National roads authority says initial construction of the much touted Tsangano- Neno- Mwanza road will commence next month March, 2018, from Tsangano turn off side.
Roads authority spokesperson Portia Kajanga told this blogger on Tuesday that they are signing the contract with Malawi defence force (MDF) engineering department next week.
MDF soldiers are the contractors entrusted to start the upgrading works with a 20 kilometre portion of the the total 140 kilometers.
Kajanga said:- “MDF soldiers will sign a 20 kilometre stretch deal -next week, which they will start from Tsangano turn off side going towards Neno.”
She says progress on the other end is promising with a good part already upgraded to tarmac off M6 Mwanza – Blantyre road, which several contractors have been working on for the past three consecutive financial years
“Though some contractors have not managed to complete their 5 kilometre stretch given per year each over the past three years, there is remarkable progress from the Mwanza- Blantyre road turn off to Neno boma, with about 10 kilometers of the 37 kilometers already done,” added Kajanga.
Several politicians have used Tsangano-Mwanza via Neno road to win votes by giving the citizenry false hopes since time immemorial.
If to go by what Kajanga says, the hopes may be rekindled.
Neno, which Bakili Muluzi’s regime declared a district in 2002, is one of hard to reach districts with no tarmac road connection despite tangible food and cash crops cultivated in the area.
Ali Phiri, district commissioner for Neno says the commencement of the road upgrading works has brought smiles on rural populous.
Phiri says rains have however delayed the upgrading works from M6 road  to Neno boma, adding on other unforeseen challenges the contractors faced on site.
It takes one about 3 hours of driving or more to get to Neno Boma from the turn off off Mwanza – Blantyre road due to bad road condition, yet it is a distance of 37 kilometers, which could take less than 30 minutes if the work is completed

Rains cause havoc in Mwanza district

Written by Moses Masiye


About 70 households in the areas of Senior Chief Kanduku and Traditional Authority (T/A) Nthache in Mwanza are in dire need of food and shelter after hailstorms left them destitute.

Mwanza District Disaster Risk Management Desk Officer Drake Chiningwa says a two-year-old boy has been hospitalized at the district hospital after a tree fell on him.

The boy’s mother, Maria Malunga, sustained minor injuries.

Chiningwa told this blogger that figures of the affected people may rise, saying a full report will be ready by close of business Wednesday.

He said houses and other institutions were affected in group village Mchotseni of Senior Chief Kanduku and Kagonemwake of T/A Nthache in Mwanza central and Mwanza west constituencies respectively.

Senior chief Kanduku says the victims need urgent assistance as they have been homeless since Saturday when the accident occurred.

Senior Chief Kanduku told this blogger that though the assessment on the damage is still ongoing, the victims need urgent assistance.

He called upon government, civil society organizations and other well-wishers to come in and assist the victims.

Meanwhile, Chikwawa and Nsanje are likely to face heavy flooding as the Shire River has already had its banks and surrounding areas flooded.

The rains from upland have caused the river to flood, damaging crops on a large cultivation area.

Meanwhile, the Malawi Red Cross has asked communities living in flood prone areas to move to safer places.

In Mzuzu, torrential rains, accompanied by heavy winds, on Tuesday destroyed houses, rendering scores of people destitute. Authorities say they are still assessing the damage

Malawi immigration department worried of travels without proper document

Moses Masiye

The tendency of most Malawians travelling cross boarders without proper documents refuses to end, as 21 nationals were deported back from Mozambique through Mwanza border.

Mwanza boarder immigration public relations officer Pasqually Zulu confirmed that the young men in their mid 20s who had no any travel document, were arrested Friday morning at Moatize roadblock on their way to south Africa.

According to Zulu, they are from Balaka, Machinga and Mangochi districts.

He blamed the growing tendency of travelling without proper documents, which he said has recently claimed lives of many, as a result of using unchartered routes and uncertified means of transport.

German promises Malawi of more support towards improved health

Written by Moses Masiye

The government of Germany says is committed to pump in more support towards improving Malawi’s health sector.

Deputy Germany ambassador to Malawi Thomas Staiger made tr remarks in Ntcheu after appreciating the positive impact Results based financing program it supports in collaboration with Norway, which has improved the health sector, especially maternal and child health.

He says:- “Healthy Malawians are guaranteed to develop the country meaningfully.”

Staiger says he is impressed with how the money channelled through the Results based financing- RBF program for maternal and neonatal health has assisted improving infrastructure in health facilities, motivating health workforce, and encourage women deliver at health facilities among other areas.

Minister of health Atupele Muluzi says Malawi government appreciates the support it gets from Germany government.

“Maternal and child deaths have reasonably decreased in the health facilities where RBF program is implemented, and we are thankful to government of Germany and other partners for the support,” says Muluzi.

He says government has strategies in place to sustain the initiative and scale it up to other districts apart from the four, where RBF program is currently implemented.

RBF country director Matthew Mviiri says health service delivery has improved for the better in selected districts of Mchinji, Dedza, Ntcheu and Balaka, where the program is piloted.

Mviiri says:- “RBF has components of staff motivation, pregnant women placed on social cash transfer, construction of different infrastructure and state of the art hospital equipment procured, just to mention some elements that have improved maternal and child health over the past three years.”


Teenage pregnancies and early marriages scare Malawi authorities

Written by Moses Masiye

The ministry of health has expressed worry over increased early marriages and teenage pregnancies continuing to demand more resources than budgeted.

Director for reproductive health in the ministry of health Fanny Kachale says about 50 percent of girls continue marrying at a tender age as young as 13, there by bearing children when their bodies are not mature thereby prone to many complications costly to deal with.

Kachale says the ministry is grappling to manage complications as a result of teenage pregnancies.

“She says efforts to offer better maternal and neonatal health services are choked by this alarming numbers of teenage pregnancies and early marriages but was quick to commend different partners like the government of Germany for showing interests in assisting Malawi overcome such challenges through programs like Results based financing for maternal and neonatal health,” says Kachale.

Germany senior policy officer for health, population policy and social protection Mareike Theisling who was in the country to appreciate Results based financing program interventions, says is impressed that the program has incorporated traditional leaders, whom she believe are vital in bringing notable change to address these challenges.

Theisling says:- “Germany government prioritizes improvement of health sector in Malawi knowing that healthy people can offer better services towards development of the country.”

Results based financing deputy country director Reegan Kaluluma says the program has taken on board almost all key people in the society so as to influence change in ensuring that there is improved women and child health service delivery.

Sineta and Paul Banda on joint online music market creation

Written by Moses Masiye

Two of Malawi’s legendary musicians Charles Sineta and Sir Paul Banda have embarked on an online music market project aimed at promoting other upcoming musicians from the proceeds realized.

Sineta also popularly known as the reggae machine told this blogger that The Duo 30 music project is targeting  3rd May 2019 when the two legends will commemorate 30 years after one of their memorable performance when Saint Pope John Paul the second visited Malawi.

Sineta says the proceeds realized from the music sales will boost the music industry.

“We have chosen to open the music market, a copy right society of Malawi hosted platform, so as to ensure proper benefit than other platforms,” says Sineta.

He says a special committee will identify music groups or individuals who will be assisted next year during the duo’s 30 year commemoration using the proceeds.

On other benefits, Sineta says musicians will have the chance to reap from their talent in this era of piracy boom.

“Gone are the days when we enjoyed sales from tapes and compact discs and online sales is one option these days of increased piracy,” assured Sineta.

Charles Sineta performed with Alleluya band for a first great show at Chichiri stadium aged 15 during Pope John Paul’s visit to Malawi on 3d May 1989, while Paul Banda led the youth for a first main show on the same day, thus the idea to commemorate the 30 years in a meaningful way.


Alleluyah Band Italy tour fundraises for free health services for under 15 children

Written by Moses Masiye

Apart from flying the Malawian flag in Italy, Alleluyah Band, an arm of Andiamo youth cooperative trust arrives back Thursday, with support that will see more children under 15 years as well as pregnant women accessing improved quality healthy services at  Comfort community hospital in Balaka.

Andiamo youth corperative trust Director Patrick Bwanali says through the shows Alleluyah Band held in Italy, they have managed to raise funds, which will assist in quality health service delivery to over 90 thousand people.

“After successful provision of free health services to children below 15 years and pregnant women last financial year, we assure to continue the same this financial year following a successful tour of Italy and Israel,” Bwanali told this blogger.

He says 90 thousand patients were assisted of which 70 percent were children below 15  years, adding that more than that are to benefit this time around.

According to Bwanali, if these were to pay, the cost could be valued at over 15  million Kwacha.

Bwanali says:- “Apart from the funds, Alleluyah Band has through the tour also managed to bring in a state of the art ambulance, which will serve the communities around Balaka town.”

Alleluyah band has been on a tour for Italy and Israel for about three months.